How does your marketing strategy ensure customers contact you instead of your competition?

We all want to know a company’s reputation before buying a product or service. Reviews can affect your business reputation online.

Do you know what your customers are saying about you online? Do you know what your online reputation is?

Having a website on the font page of Google will not work if you have bad reviews. A bad review can send customers away from your site towards your competition. Customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Having at least 10 positive reviews increases customers that they will have the same positive experience, if they choose your product or service. Reputation marketing manages what your customers say about you online, so you can increase your  positive reputation online.

Reputation Marketing gives you the edge to stand out online, by ensuring customers trust your reputation so they are already per-sold before they contact you.

5_stars_reputationWouldn’t you want a marketing plan where your customers trust you, giving you instant referrals?

MaxPapa offers reputation Marketing, to ensure customers confidence in your services.

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