Reestablish your company’s corporate reputation

At this day and age, corporate reputation is given more importance than it has ever had by consumers and business owners alike. Image is everything, and people have become more empowered because of the information that is available to them. They would just digest all of the things to know that are presented to them, and they will grab every opportunity to find more about the corporate reputation of a particular company before availing any service. Online marketing companies such as Maxpapa are gaining popularity among budding business owners for that exact reason.
The information that they have access to has a wide range and scope. It may come in the form of website content that you have posted on your home page or any of the specific web pages on your site that you have dedicated for your services. Your corporate reputation can also be available to them via review sites where feedback is instantaneously posted by former clients.

People who read reviews are always under the impression that your past actions will dictate how you will treat your customers in the future. Would-be clients take note of how other people would describe their experience with your company. The words that other people have left as a testimonial for your products or services will stick to their minds and be immortalized on the internet for more clients to see and will be regarded as your actual corporate reputation.
You should master the art of dealing with a bad review in order to preserve your corporate reputation.


Keeping a pristine corporate reputation

The caveat of having more clients is dealing with more feedback. It is highly improbable that clients will always sing praises about your services or your products. Keeping a pristine corporate reputation is not an easy feat. The internet has pushed the discussions to uncharted boundaries. It is up to you to do the policing of what types of feedback your clients are giving you. Do their words make your heart swell with pride or do they make you cringe with annoyance?

The phrase corporate reputation may seem to be a big, intangible and unquantifiable. However, this is what your clients are looking out for. It is one of the cornerstones of your business. Without it, people would not trust you with their money at all. It is an asset that you need to flaunt in order to gain a competitive advantage in the cutthroat industry that you are in.

What makes a corporate reputation trustworthy? It involves a healthy mix of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism from clients. It also includes visible efforts from companies to correct and improve any legitimate opportunities that clients have brought to their attention. If you have enough of these, you would surely and easily be the preferred company among your competitors. Consumer confidence is definitely a force that needs to be steered to your favor.


Mistakes to avoid – corporate reputation No-no’s

While they may prove to be incredibly hilarious, online marketing mistakes of extensive magnitudes that known multinational companies have committed should serve as a cautionary tale. Below are the mistakes that you would need to avoid in order to bolster your corporate reputation:

  1. Not using any monitoring tools. There are a lot of tools that you can use to monitor your corporate reputation. It will be a waste of both your time and energy to just manually log in to each and every one of your online social media accounts whenever you want to know what your clients are saying about you while you are away from the prying eyes of the internet.
  1. Not having a contingency plan. Not having some sort of protocol when responding to negative reviews can spell DISASTER. You should not wait for the scenario to happen before you prepare yourself with the knowledge about what you can do to clean up the situation before it leads to greater embarrassment.
  1. Allowing the issues to blow up. Sure, there are new positive reviews that can come flowing on top of the unfavorable reviews. However, keeping your fingers crossed and hoping that potential clients would not stumble upon negative reviews is not at all realistic. There are ways in which people can filter through reviews to only show the “One-star” or “Terrible” marks, and people almost always look for what the worst experience is that they can expect.
  1. Losing your temper. While it is true that it is almost close to impossible to become a diplomat overnight, you also need to keep in mind that everything you will say to your customer can and will be used against you by irate customers. Do not get too carried away when it comes to responding to negative feedback. There are a lot of anger-fueled exchanges between customers and business owners that have been chronicled online and shared on forums. No matter how vindicated the business owner may have felt after telling off an angry client, it will always reflect badly on their corporate reputation.

Every now and then, feature articles about terrible customer service are posted on the internet. You would not want to be featured in such articles for fear of losing the brand trust and loyalty that you have worked so hard to earn.


Corporate reputation need not be expensive

If you have always kept yourself up to date with the efforts of successful companies to improve their corporate reputation, you would know that they spend millions just to get the job done.Can you imagine how much money you would have to burn just to keep up with your competitors?

Worry not, as Maxpapa web marketing would not have you spending anywhere near that exorbitant amount just to lift your corporate reputation. You would not have any excuse to not invest in this particular aspect of your company, especially since you know how much it would affect the turnout of new and returning clients. Contact them right away and ask them for a detailed quotation. You will surely be greeted by great savings!

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