Max Papa SEO Consultancy offers an innovative approach to Search Engine Optimisation called DIY SEO Coaching Program. In this approach, an expert, dedicated, local SEO Business Consultant teaches you how to successfully market and grow your business by identifying and applying several techniques.

Breakdown of Program:

The DIY SEO Coaching Program is an intensive 4-hour program where the SEO Business Consultant has one-on-one training sessions/meetings with you, 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.

Week 1 – Discussion, Keyword Research & Recommendations:

An initial meeting is set-up to explore ideas and set Business goals. Here we will clarify what will be done during the Coaching and address any questions or concerns. We will explore and conduct Keyword Phrase Research, where we show you how to find keyword phrases that you could target and make recommendations.

Week 2 – Competition & Content Analysis:

Competition Analysis is conducted; this is a deep analysis of your website competition, showing the top 10 ranking competitors. Content Analysis is conducted, here we analyze all content of your website, create a robots.txt file and do site verification using Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Week 3 – On-Site SEO Techniques:

Search Engine Optimisation, this is how to improve existing website pages or coaching on creation of additional Search Engine-friendly “landing” pages. Coaching will be conducted on how to Optimize the Title, Description and Keyword Meta-tags for those website pages. You will also be coached on how to Optimize your Footer Tag.

Week 4 – Backlinks & Ranking Reports:

We coach you how to create Backlinks; this is done by submitting a link to your website to numerous other sites, creating a spiders-web of Backlinks that point directly to your website. You will be shown how to conduct Ranking Reports; this is how to track your website position. We will also make suggestions on how to achieve the goals set in the initial meeting.

DIY SEO Coaching is innovative in that it provides you with tried and tested techniques designed to bring you desired results. It also gives you the skills needed to effectively Optimize your website yourself without having to hire an SEO expert each time, putting you in control and saving you time and money in the long run.

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