Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords

Pay-Per-Click’ advertising is a general term used to describe paid Internet advertising.

Every time an on-line visitor clicks on your ad in the coloured box at the top of the results page, you pay Google.

Google AdWords, is the predominant platform and search engine tool for paid advertising online.

PPCGoogle owns more than 80% of the market in searches, and is used more than all other search engines put together.  One of their services is Google AdWords.

You pay Google for every click (enquiry) directed to your website.

Installing a Google AdWords on-line advertising function attracts measurable numbers of new customers and increased sales while you are working in your business..

This is where Maxpapa can help.

Our team based in Perth manages campaigns for businesses over a wide geographical area. Outsourcing to us will save you money and time and help get you more customers.

We are Google Adwords (Pay-per-Click) Experts for local businesses in Australia.

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