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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about social media? Of course it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. These social networks enjoy a greater buzz. Google + is new and unutilized. Then why should anyone with a small business use Google plus?

Google undoubtedly takes the lion’s share of all the internet searches. Having a social media account linked to the Google is obviously something you don’t want to miss. The launch of this social media platform came with compelling arguments that favor the inclusion of Google Plus to your business as a social media marketing strategy.


How does Google Plus work?

The Google Plus platform works hand in hand with Google Search. What does this mean? It means having a higher ranking on the Google search engine, integration with relevant Google for Business services as well as the ability to drive traffic to your business both virtually and physically. Google Plus allows business owners to provide their customers with useful information such as Locations of their business premises and the directions to get there, reviews, images, contact information and more– right on the search results. Google + also lets you promote your specials, posts, and deals to a wide range of audiences including those on the Google Plus circles as well as those simply searching for your business online.


Google Plus has a huge user base

Google Plus enjoys more than 540 million active users. This number is increasing daily. Facebook continues to be on the behemoth with the most users. However, Increase in the web traffic via this site shows that business can opt to ignore it to its own peril. Moreover, the value of grabbing the first mover advantage over one’s competition cannot be overemphasized. On the centrally, Google + users are early adopters and technology fanatics. Odds are that your customers have are already on Google +.


Optimize your Google+ business page

If your business’ website does not show hours, direction and location, and contact information right away when Google users search for you, then you are missing out on big business and Maxpapa wants to help you fix the problem.SEO has become so ubiquitous and unanimously useful that almost every business has a Google+ business page. Every business with online presence needs to incorporate Google Plus into their marketing strategy. For most entrepreneurs, it means writing lots of web content and attracting numerous inbound links to build authority. SEO helps you to rank higher on Google search engine for key words that are relevant to your business.But….

There is a different form of SEO that not very many businesses are currently focusing on. Google + SEO focuses on optimizing your business for a specific geographic location as well as a different range of service offerings. Google + SEO is a strategy that every entrepreneur should be thinking about and our experts at MaxPapa will help you get started.


Why Google + SEO?

The emergence of new technologies has changed the landscape of the internet search. Today Internet rules the world. The massive influx of businesses and brands offering the same products and services of the same quality and almost at the same price makes it important to stand out. Businesses are looking to get a slice of the internet especially the first search-engine- result page (SERP). It is therefore important to have your Google + page set and optimized in a way to position yourself for the greatest traffic flow. Google Plus SEO is increasingly becoming important and every business should take advantage of it.

Unlike Facebook where direct communication with potential customers is a bit limited, Google+ offers an awesome platform where business owners can interact with their potential customers and followers. Unfortunately for Facebook, customers have to reach you first. But fancy a platform where you can proactively reach out to your customers and offer discounts and coupons to them. This is what Google Plus is all about. Google+ lets you check in with your customers and continue building a relationship. Or simply have as much two way conversation as you would like. What’s greater than this! Go ahead and have your Google + page optimized.

The mobile experience

These days, people are becoming more comfortable with the mobile technology as a means of searching. Approximately 46% of searchers now use mobile devices to do product research. Majority of these searches are location specific. Having a Google + page that is optimized will give you a competitive edge.

Less competition

Google Plus page optimization means less competition. If your page can drive traffic to your website, then you have less competition and a sharp competitive edge. You will be fighting every similar business in your neighborhood.


Getting Started

Well, there is more to Google+ than just signing up for an account and sharing images and posts. Effective optimization of your Google place page is all about having a strategy to attract and engage customers. At MaxPapa, we have everything you need to get started.

It goes without saying  that an active, complete and properly optimized Google+ business page for your business will boost your search ranking. Ignoring or downplaying the potential in your Google+ profile could actually be a huge disservice to your business. Its integration with so many other Google products for business is actually a bit more than it seems.

The desire of any business is to be positioned on the first page of Google. There is no short cut to this whole issue. It is important to have a Google+ SEO for your business. The best way to find your customers is by making it easier for them to find you. This can be achieved by having the experts help you to optimize your Google + page professionally. Be the first one to reach your customers even before they begin the conversation.

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