How Google My Business page will increase your leads

Google My Business / Google places is one local listing that you don’t want to miss. Searching for services online is constantly becoming more sophisticated and local businesses like yours can reap the rewards of the recent Google’s local focused algorithm updates. Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” As a result, they developed the Google My business, previously known as Google places. These are more complex algorithms with a unique ability to filter results geographically. The result to a query can now be narrowed to a neighborhood level of specificity.

Google My Business ( GMB)  is a great advancement to businesses and consumers alike. Google users get connected to more relevant results in their own neighborhood based on their geographical location. Top ranked business owners on the other hand enjoy online traffic which translates to more sales. Being ranked top on Google My Business page gives you a competitive edge over your competitors and a strong muscle to dominate your neighborhood.

Let’s face it. If your business has a physical address, then you need local SEO. This is because most of your customers and clients are within your locality. Take a local restaurant, dentist, lawyer, doctor or a local outlet for instance. Most if not all customers expected to seek services in these businesses are local. But remember you are not the only one offering those services within your region. You have your competitors who are looking for strategies to outshine you.If you expect people to come there, you need to have local SEO for that location. At this point, working with professionals becomes a vital step for making your business a success.

Why Google My Business / Google places page?

The best way to find customers is to make sure that it’s easy for customers to find you. Having professionals maximize the unique abilities that Google places offers will be a good way to showcase your business without necessarily overstretching your budget. With local searches quickly becoming the most common form of web browsing, Google is tailoring its search results to offer customized results to individual users based on their geographical location. Google uses a sophisticated technology able to pull your ISP (internet Service Provider) thereby providing search results targeting your local region when conducting almost any search. This is the ultimate reason why your local business listing is so important to initialize and monitor.

Prospective clients and customers will begin by conducting a simple internet search. Google has a lion’s share for all the searches conducted on the internet. With professional Google My Business setup for your business, your clients may see your business listing on Google My Business page / Google places way before they see your website. Therefore it is imperative to have you business listing posted on Google places way before you can begin purchasing a domain for website.

Google My Business listing for your business is a sure way to increase your leads. At the bare minimum, it will place you at a competitive level in your neighborhood. This is because Google My Business / Google places generates a more targeted traffic for local businesses compared to regular organic listing on Google.

With GMB ( Google My Business) , local business can be ranked higher in the organic listing section by mere use of their local business listing even without having a website. Of course having a website for your business is recommended but this is just an example to showcase the power that Google My Business / Google places can have.

Google My Business is revolutionary when it comes to business listing and local business searches. In the recent past, having the knowledge of the existence of a business within your neighborhood was a daunting affair. Leave a lone getting the directions to get there. People relied on friends and perhaps, if you they had time, they would draw confusing maps on a piece of paper in a bid to direct a customer to a local business.Those times are long gone—thanks to technology and dedicated internet marketing professionals. Today you can get all the information you need concerning a local service provider by a simple click including the directions to get there.

When you set your Google My Business / Google places Page, your customers will be exposed to the services you offer and that means that your trust and reliability will increase. Customers want to associate with reliable businesses. They need to trust first before making that dial. Online reviews from satisfied customers will not only increase your ranking but also will serve as a reference point for other potential customers.

Another way to increase your trust is to show your customers what they could be expecting to find in your business. Ideally this is achieved my posting images of your products or activities in the business.

The above section shows how powerful Google My Business / Google places can be. You might probably have noted that your business name is not listed on Google when you do a random search for products and services that you provide. Perhaps you have officially decided to be an entrepreneur looking to have your new business found on Google My Business / Google places. Either way you need to attract customers to your business. Having the right professionals do it for you will give you and upper hand in attracting customers as well as irresistible dominance in your geographical region.

Setting up your Google My Business / Google places page is one of the top priorities for your business to be found online. Why not entrust your task to a professional internet marketer to help you dominate your locality by helping you have a higher rank in Google? MaxPapa will set up your Google places page and optimize it to increase your online presence.

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