Harness the power of Google+ reviews

Did you know that Google+ reviews can be used to boost your company’s popularity on the internet? For the longest time, you have been sitting on one of the world’s most powerful online reputation marketing tools and you may not have even given it a second glance.

This may be a startling discovery, as the launching of Google’s take on online social networking applications was not able to live up to the initial expectations. The hype that people experienced when its membership was still “by invitation only” did eventually frizzle down when it was finally launched to the entire online community. While the general public was quick to dismiss it as a flop, Maxpapa has seen it for the gold mine that it actually is, primarily because of the massive potential of reviews in Google+.

People depend on Google so much when it comes to their online research. They use it to find products and services that they would want to avail. However, not matter how many results turns up in their search, there is only a very little chance that they will go to the next page. This is why being on the first page of Google search results is always the top priority of online marketing endeavors.Companies fight teeth to teeth just to get on the top spot because that is where the prestige and popularity lies.

In case you are not aware of it, Google+ reviews is one of the fastest and sure-fire ways of getting your website to page one. Yes, there is now a precise technique that can be employed to get the coveted first-page ranking.


What sorcery do google+ review employ?

If you are familiar with how Google+ operates, you should have an idea about how the +1 button works. You can think of it as the equivalent of Facebook’s “Like” button, only much more powerful and functional. Google+ users hit the +1 button every time they agree with or if they like something. It can also be seen as an endorsement. As you can see, it helps people to monitor the different interests that they mark as interesting, and allows other people in their circles to see the different things that they recommend as well.

This is where reviews come to play. Aside from hitting the +1 button, users can also leave reviews and star ratings on the pages of establishments that they have visited or products and services that they have tried.The cumulative +1 vote, reviews, and star ratings that a company has garnered has an effect on their website’s ranking on Google search results. Having more +1 votes, stellar reviews and recommendations allows websites to climb up the search results. reviews increases the search engine optimization value of a particular site.

You should never expect less from Google’s social networking platform, after all, it is everyone’s favorite research tool. They trust Google to help them find the most suitable products and services for them. Being on the top of the results page is similar to having the internet’s stamp of approval.That is why if you want your company to gain more popularity, you should hurry up and take advantage of reviews on Google+ as it is akin to a very powerful social media and search engine ranking booster tool.


Get on board with Google+ reviews

 So, how does one start using reviews to their advantage? Here is a rough step-by-step guide into taking advantage of the capabilities of those reviews:

  1. An interesting website: Your website should look enticing and dynamic. Ultimately, it should contain information that people need. Always keep in mind that you need valuable content that would keep people engaged.
  2. Add the +1 button to your page: You can now have those stars and +1’s to your favor
  3. Add your establishment’s picture to Google Places: This makes your business look more legitimate and tangible to potential customers.
  4. Engage your customers: You should invite your customers to leave comments or feedback on the services or products that you provide. They will love it because you make them feel important and that you care about the customer experience. The stories that actual people tell have a very big impact on the success of using Google+ reviews in drawing the attention of potential customers.

Getting people to visit your site first is another hurdle altogether. You need to put content that people would respond to. You can start by adding people to your circles and sharing your website’s contents. Once you have piqued their interest, you need to be able to sustain the momentum. You need to convince them that they will find your website’s content worthwhile enough to be shared to their friends.

Of course, that is just the beginning of using google+ review and the steps outlined above are a little oversimplified just to give you an overview. To reap the full benefits of using google+ review, you would have to continue to come up with valuable content that potential customers are looking for. It is, after all, a very competitive market on the internet and staying on the first page still requires effort. After you have fully established your online social media presence, you would start to notice your customers increasing in numbers.


Start today!

If you are impressed by what the powers that reviews on Google+ can do for your business, you may be more than excited to get started. It can be an incredibly daunting task to do all of the social media marketing management on your own, especially since you have more important things to do, such as actually running your business.

Let the professionals on online marketing do the work for you! Maxpapa web marketing can help you out with using Google+ reviews as they have extensive experience in helping companies like yours to use this innovative marketing strategy to your advantage. Call Maxpapa right now and ask them how you can get started on harnessing the endless possibilities of Google+ reviews.


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