The importance of backlinks

SEO optimization is a process that takes many steps.

One of the most effective  techniques for getting higher search engine ranking is having back-links back to your website.

Back-links are links that lead users back to your website. Let’s say that you like photography and decide to join a photography blog. Every time you go to the blog and post a comment you will have a signature. If  you write on a blog  that allows  links, you could place a link back to your website as part of your signature. This is the back-links that, as part of your SEO optimization,  helps with search engine ranking.

It is also important to understand that not all back-links are the same and Google knows it.

Google ranks back-links in different ways,  according to  ranking priority, therefore not all back-links have the same  search engine strength.

Generally, if  you join a  blog or a forum, with a large number of followers the audience is already created for you,  and  all you would  need is to  add your signature with the back-link back to your website. The more credible and popular the blog or forum, the more strength the back-links back to your website, giving you search engine power to boost your rank position.

Back-links work effectively together with our SEO optimization techniques. When you publish comments on blogs or forum sites, your own website  attracts a bigger audience.

This is a course that I have came across and i believe it is easy to understand and very effective:

Indispensable Internet Marketing Newbies Guide

Remember: the key is to place a back-link on blogs or forums that are seen as authority by Google.