The importance of having convincing copy

Writing professional website page content, that engage with the viewer and prompt them to contact you is not easy….and is not enough!

When you write a new page for your website you must remember two points:

The written content must engage with the client

The content must be SEO optimization friendly

Most of us know what to write on a web page, but we forget how to optimize the text to promote search engine  ranking.  Many others  optimize a page  but  forget to connect with the client.

Copywriting is a talent that is necessary to write effective website pages.

This is my suggestion on how to write a website SEO optimization friendly page.

First, write a website page to entice the viewer. Go through the content and try to add the keywords into the content without over doing it.

Select  one keyword per article.  Do not try to add many  different keywords on the same page because it will water down the content and  the search engine will not know exactly what the page is  about.

Part of SEO optimization conducts research on the most searched keywords in your industry, so that   clients  are  likely to  find  the web  page  related to  that keyword.

I have researched on the web  many courses  for increasing search engine ranking and here is a selection of the most effective tools I have came across:

The Ultimate Copywriting Handbook

SEO for Beginners

Remember: A SEO optimization friendly website page requires writing  to engage with your audience. Optimize the web page with one keyword only.