Uphold your prominent online reputation


Your company’s reputation is its imprint on the digital world.It is what your potential clients use in order to determine whether you are worth their money. It is actually the secret to unlocking the power of the purse.

With the upsurge of the number of users who have access to internet resources, almost everyone feels some sort of capability to share their thoughts about the products that they purchase and the services that they avail. Even those who do not have blogs or online journals have the opportunity to share such thoughts using social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+, and other review sites specializing in different products such as food, makeup, and travel to name a few.

The easiest way to find out what your reputation on the internet is would be to use search engines such as Google. From the search results page alone, you will be able to immediately tell how well-accepted you are by the online community. The best indicator would be if you are included in the first page. Being a first-page company means that you are getting the most number of views and people are actually clicking on the link to your website.

If your website is not included in the first page or even the second page, it is safe to assume that you are not getting all the attention that you need in order to increase your stronghold on the clients that you can serve.


Simplified categories of online reputation

How do people view your company? If you would take a look at your reputation online, you can fall into either of the following basic categories:

  • Desirable reputation on the internet – clients simply cannot say enough great words about your products or your services. They encourage other readers to trust you as you are guaranteed to deliver your claims. There are some negative feedbacks from time to time, mostly caused by small misunderstandings or people who are just really hard to please. However, all of these are well-addressed with facts and proper exchanges.
  • “Meh” or “Blah” online reputation – there are only one or two reviews written about you and they may have been submitted ages ago. There is no new feedback from your current clients and you are receiving very few inquiries from prospective clients.
  • Negative online reputation – clients’ complaints have overpowered all the feedback that is ever written about your company. You will start to fear that no other clients will start to trust your company ever again after seeing all the negative reviews, unfounded defamatory comments and poor feedback that you have failed to respond to or address.

Do not fret if you have not achieved the desirable reputation online yet. There are always many opportunities for you to improve how your clients or prospective clients perceive you.


Online reputation survival guide

There is no absolute guide that will ensure that you will never have problems with your business reputation ever again.However, there are some good practices that you can use in order to improve your popularity for your online clients.

Allocate time

You should remember that as the number of your clients increases, the likelihood of having to monitor your business reputation also increases. More feedback to sift through or respond to means that you would have to allocate more time for this activity.

Be engaging

From time to time, it will help if you would randomly interact with your clients. A simple “Thank you” will go a very long way with them. It does not mean that you have to respond to positive feedback all the time. You will be amazed at how positively people respond to gratitude expressed by business owners like you. It gives them a sense of importance. It makes them feel that you really care about what they think of your services or products.

Establish your presence

Creating accounts for our company in various websites would make your customers think, “Wow, this company is everywhere!” No matter which website they go to check out reviews, there is a possibility that they will come across your company’s page.

Stay relevant

The key to staying relevant would be to always come up with improved online content. It can be hard to come up with new and useful content, but all that needs to be done is to watch out what people are talking about and how you can capitalize on the trending topics.

Embrace criticism

You should learn how to acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, no matter how passionate you are already about your company. You can use all sorts of feedback that you get from your customers in order to innovate and improve your services or your products.

Update your website

You need to make your website presentable at all times. You can think of your company’s website as your storefront. If it looks interesting and legitimate enough, customers would continue browsing to the other pages in your website. That is why it is very important to leave a really good and lasting first impression on your potential clients.


Your online reputation management team

Handling your own reputation sounds exhausting. Don’t you just wish that you can turn over that responsibility to a group of individuals who specialize on such endeavors?

Getting your very own team of business online reputation experts is as easy as dialing a number or sending an email. Maxpapa is the go-to authority when it comes to web advertising. They offer a myriad of web marketing services, including the expert management of your reputation online.

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