Reputation marketing will solve your company’s popularity woes

Reputation what marketing?

Reputation marketing is considered as one of the hottest and sought-after services for businesses from Maxpapa Web Marketing Agency. It may seem like a very new concept, but in actuality, it has been slowly developing for quite some time since the surge of internet usage.

Considered to be the lovechild of reputation management and brand marketing, reputation marketing is a combination of the science of creating a pristine and sellable reputation online and associating that good reputation to your company. Put simply, it is a mechanism in which customers share their experiences with companies or products online for the entire online community to see.

Reputation marketing in action

Through online reputation , companies are meticulously judged in real-time by customers who share their experience in the form of reviews on various popular social media platforms. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Amazon are just a few examples of websites that garner millions of reviews and views.

reputation marketing facts

reputation marketing facts

While deciding where to spend their hard-earned cash – be it on big investments such as a car or a house, new household or office appliances, a hotel or resort that they will spend their dream vacation on, makeup or clothes, or even something as trivial as a restaurant where they can take their entire family out to Sunday brunch – people embark on a somewhat thorough online investigation process:

STEP 1: Use search engines such as Google to find companies that offer the products or services that they are looking for

STEP 2: Check out the company’s website to see if their portfolio of services or a product’s information page to find out its features

STEP 3: Find reviews of the company or product from social media websites or forums

STEP 4: Decide whether the product is worth buying while taking into consideration everything that everyone has said about it

The amount of time spent on online product research varies from person to person. Some people only need a few words of encouragement, while others who are more skeptical may take hours, days, or even weeks before finally deciding to take the plunge. That is how reputation marketing works.

reviews 2After purchasing the product, people more often than not choose to leave reviews of the product or service that they have bought in order to either promote it or to warn other buyers from getting it.

Consumers from all walks of life who have access to the internet have the freedom to share their thoughts about their purchases. It is so ubiquitous that you may even have participated in online reputation without consciously knowing it! The reviews that are posted online range from well-written praises, lazily-ticked stars, to profane and anger-fueled rants.

Online feedback affects business.

Undeniably, the internet, through reputation, has reshaped the way that consumers behave as more product information and feedback is made available to them. Solely relying on how businesses project themselves to the powerful online community is a thing of the past. Customers have become wiser and can see through the testimonials that are strategically placed on company websites.

What people say about businesses or products can greatly affect its profits. Businesses who have had the unfortunate experience of having bad reviews posted about them online can attest to that fact. A quick online research will show you harrowing tales of how companies have started to crumble simply because of negative online reviews. There are also inspiring stories of companies that have started from zero and are now earning millions after all the consistent positive reviews kept bringing people in, all thanks to reputation services.

You can benefit from reputation marketing.

The cold, hard truth is that people trust online customer feedback now more than they trust how the companies project themselves. It will never be enough for you to assure your customers that you are the best – you need some positive reinforcement from actual clients who are satisfied with the services that you provide.

Since you already know that online reputation can directly and greatly influence consumption habits, it is high time for you to join in on this revolutionary marketing trend. You can use Maxpapa Web Marketing Agency’s services to your advantage to draw in more clients than you have ever imagined. Your outstanding reputation can be brought to the attention of potential customers as far as the internet can reach.

How is done?

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can find on the internet about how you can apply reputation services.

A known group of digital marketing advisors stipulated that there are five things that you should focus on:

  • You need to widen the scope of your online presence to increase the chances of potential customers stumbling upon the stellar reviews.
  • Stay away from fake and fabricated online reviews, since people are now too smart to see through that.
  • Stay relevant by ensuring that new reviews keep on coming.
  • Increase the number of your reviews to show that you can cater to different kinds of customers.
  • Make sure that you get high ratings because that is what people are looking for.

Businessmen who have owed their success to reputation marketing add that there are also other factors that you need to consider, such as having an instantaneous mitigation system in place just in case a disappointed customer posts an unfavorable review. It can also help greatly to have a very active presence in social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that customers can feel comfortable interacting with. You will be surprised at how enthusiastic people are when it comes to talking to their favorite companies online.

If you find all of the above a very daunting and challenging task, the best thing for you to do is to consult with a reputation marketing firm who can come up with a strategy that is tailored to your company’s needs, such as Maxpapa. They have the expertise, skills, and tools to handle successful online marketing ventures. Call them today to learn more about how you can start now with this groundbreaking online reputation strategy.

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