Things To Consider In Creating And Maintaining A Google Places Page

Setting up a professional and optimised Google Places Page?

A business cannot run without customers, and this is why it’s essential to constantly devise ways to attract new ones. The internet is a very helpful tool in this aspect, since a company can effectively promote its brand. However, there are already so many other businesses competing for online visibility, and this makes it important to go for an alternative that will still help you stay a step ahead. Considering the fact that 43% of all searches done on Google are location based, creating a Google places page is one of the most reliable options if you want your business to be seen online. Through  Google places page, you can reach and communicate with many customers within your business locality. A Google business page is your business card on the web,  with all your business details on the most well known online business directory in the world.

Setting up a business page

Google Places PageWhen creating a Google places page, you need to incorporate the business location to ensure that you reach every customer who wishes to get services within your area. For instance, if you are providing plumbing services, as you talk about the services on your page, you should also include information about the exact location of the business in order to make it easier for customers to trace you. When you do this, you can be sure to have more of them customers visit your premises in person.

In addition, on your Google business page you must also give information about your payment method, and the hours of operation so that customers know exactly what to expect from you. Besides, it’s also good to add some relevant photos and videos to make the page appealing.

However, when working on your Google places page, it’s important to keep in mind that the information you provide on the Google places is not meant for SEO purposes. Rather, it’s designed to feed the Google directory with all the important information about your business. Thus, you should ensure that your content is keyword-rich without compromising on the relevance of the information.

Maintaining a Google Places Page

You always have to keep your Google Places page active so that you remain in constant touch with your customers. Also in case of any changes made on your products or services, you should keep them updated. Moreover, customer reviews go a long way in helping establish credibility for your business; thus, always encourage your clients to post comments on your page. Remember, the more positive reviews you get, the better your standing. However, in the event that you get negative reviews, it’s vital to resolve the issue amicably and professionally –how you work out the problem will have an impact on the way other visitors to your page will view your business.

Why is it vital to set up a professionally optimised Google Places Page?

The good thing is that a Google business page  can be set up professionally and optimised by the MaxPapa team, so it has front page ranking success. A successful Google Places Page can be listed above web listings . Most customers look up  the product or service they are searching in a location or suburb, so Google places page can  be most affective at reaching your target market audience.   As long as you employ the right strategies, you can get your business to the top of search results –a Google places page is certainly an effective way to create awareness for your brand.