Have you notice how much Google has changed in the last few weeks?

More than 62% of searched show a Google place listing on the front page now.

Just type on Google your service or product and see if your business come up under Google Place.

If you do not come up, pay attention to who Google is showing up….your competition is taking all of your business right now.

Google Place it is proving to be the best form of online advertising after the website itself.

The new Google Place features only 7 local businesses on the first page.

Do you want to be there?

There is a specific technique that involves 27 different steps to optimize a Google place listing.

The turnaround time is only 3 days

You will get your listing optimized for up to 7 different search terms, 10 images optimized and we will create a YouTube channel especially for your Business plus 2 promotional videos.

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