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Lead Generation In The 21st Century

Lead Generation perthLead generation is all about generating prospective customers for your business. One of the oldest ways of doing this is to call numbers on the phone book. This practice would later be supplanted by telemarketing, which uses an automated calling list paid for by the company. While many companies still resort to this tactic, social media is showing more sophistication and incredible popularity at doing an old hat trick.

Lead Generation: a Lot Like Finding a Good Horse to Ride

InboundSales.net gives the low-down on utilizing social media search. It’s more than just Facebook. Prospecting in the 21st century involves focusing your attention on what’s trending in most social networking sites that includes Twitter and Pinterest. This is like riding the crest of the waves, or surfing online, but with focus on hot topics and issues.

Why Lead Generation Must be Well-Meaning

By getting yourself in the eye of the storm, so-to-speak, there are more chances for your business to get noticed in such a crowded marketplace. You either lose yourself by being part of the discussion, or you torpedo the loud mouths on the Web with a well-meaning advertising campaign. The stress is on well-meaning: It’s not just any kind of advertising.

It’s got to be timely, sincere, useful and digestible to a sea of bloggers and content farm writers who are also in it for the money. In the big, big ocean of the Internet, these two groups are the plankton or sea urchins that you must run to for help. Warning: some of them might be H20 or ad-intolerant.

This means that you have to be extremely careful with crafting your message. Like crabs, these Internet denizens have a seemingly strong shell but an utterly weak stomach; so watch your steps.

How to Utilize a Hybrid Lead Generation Approach

Your message must be soft-sell, yet high-pitched. How you achieve this hybrid performance will require the utmost in creativity. Yet, it’s not impossible to achieve. In the first place, you have already attained the high-pitch aspect of the message just by being where you should be.

As for the soft-sell part, it could be the use of organic traffic as opposed to paid search keywords. This is rather like hitting two birds with one stone because going this route is actually going to be cheaper for you. You only have to pay for well-researched, well-meaning and unique articles that will be crawled by search engines because of their high-octane optimization.

For best results, let a lead generation agency refine your new-found strategy. Learn from the masters, but don’t forget to be hands-on as well; such is the new way of doing business.

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